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Here's our showcase for April 2009.

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Dorma Boutique photographyPhoto of Dorma bed

A range of eclectic designs and colours for the Dorma Boutique collection required contemporary photography with classic flourishes to create a truly striking look.


Betty Jackson BlackPhoto of Betty Jackson cushions

It was a designer's dream brand, and now we were taking the already established Betty Jackson Black range into new sectors. Talk about pressure.


Sinclaire photographyImage of Sinclaire advertising campaign

Our advertising campaigns for Sinclaire featured photography which showed the creativity required for such an individual collection of upholstery fabrics.


Fun, quirky and nutsImage of Sun Valley peanuts packaging

Now this was fun. Rebrand and repackage Sun Valley peanuts bringing the joy of eating them to life. May we introduce the colourful King of Nuts sub-branding.


Rest Assured brochureImage of Rest Assured brochure

Bringing the quality to life of the revolutionary Eloquence bed from Rest Assured, took a 'car brochure approach'. Simple, yet beautiful set design followed.