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Here's our showcase for May 2010.

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Fusion PhotographyImage of Fusion photography

Our latest work for Newhey's stock collections is for the launch of their new Fusion range - dramatic, contemporary, stylish photography was a must for this stunning new collection.


Rixonway website launchRixonway screenshot

Rixonway's previous was website somewhat tired, old fashioned and battered round the edges - nothing like it's kitchens! So we breathed some new life into it and made it much more representative of the business and products.


An icon for IkonImage of Sinclaire's Ikon collection

Sinclaire's new Ikon collection is yet another distinctive, stylish and eclectic range. We had the difficult task of creating the branding for the collection that will hold all the marketing materials together.


Italian ice cream from ChorleyImage of Italian ice cream

Authentic Italian ice cream that has been made by the same family in Lancashire for over 100 years - we just had to add an Italian flavour to the packaging.


Advertising AlchemyImage of Sinclaire's Alchemy collection

We have also been advertising Sinclaire's stunning Alchemy upholstery collection - beautiful product, beautiful sofa, beautiful photography - beautiful ad!